Labrador Rescue North West, Chorley

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Labrador Rescue North West
Malt Kiln Farm, Tincklers Lane
PR7 5QY Chorley
Lancashire England


Labrador Retriever Rescue - Specialist Labrador breed rescue. Based in Eccleston, Chorley we rescue and re-home Labradors across Lancashire and surrounding counties.

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Labrador Rescue has been set up to try and help all Labradors who have had the misfortune to become destitute, unwanted and homeless through no fault of their own. These unfortunate dogs come from broken homes or their owners cannot provide for them with the total commitment they need. This can be due to reasons such as Redundancy, Ill Health, Divorce, Change of Circumstances etc...... Labrador Rescue was founded in June 1995 by the Co-ordinator, Glenys Fryer. It was set up to try and help Labradors that had had the misfortune to become unwanted and homeless through no fault of their own. In the North we have many puppy farming establishments and large puppy selling outlets which sell to anyone who has the cash to pay for a pup regardless of what kind of home the owner will provide, often the little pup soon becomes a nuisance and is discarded with the same lack of thought with which he/she was bought.
During the early years of Labrador Rescue, dogs were housed at a boarding kennels which involved a 44 mile round journey, often up to 5 times in some weeks which provided costly and time consuming. In 2003 the rescue moved to Malt Kiln Farm and 6 dedicated kennels were provided so that the dogs could be housed and cared for to a high standard and assessed whilst a suitable home is found. Due to the large volume of dogs needing our help, the number of kennels is currently being increased to 8 thanks to the generous donations from friends and supporters of the rescue. We always offer full backup and support to new adopters and we always accept the dog back should the need arise during the dogs life. Since Labrador Rescue was founded in 1995 the number of Labradors rehomed each year has steadily risen.
In 2012 we re-homed over 500 Labradors. We feel this numner will continue to rise due to the current economic climate and the changes this will bring to peoples lives. The Rescue is run by volunteers and the Rescue is funded by the kindness of supporters who are “Friends o
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, more than 6 months ago

I had a yellow lab i sadly had to give him up i didnt want to but i had no choice they promised they would keep me informed but they didnt they said they would send a picture for my children witch they never did an i dont no where ge went my 7 year old son still cry for him.they are not botherd about the old own it a load of 💩

by more than 6 months ago

It is not the rescues fault that you had to give up your dog. If they have kindly helped you out and found a new home for your dog then you should be thanking them. How do you expect them to be able to keep contact with all the dogs and old owners? If your son is upset they are not the ones to blame. I'm sorry that things have obviously gone wrong for you but it's not fair to put people off using this charity.

, more than 6 months ago

I have had my Yellow Labrador for 6 months now. My experience with this rescue was wonderful. I was given plenty of information over the phone prior to visiting my girl. following a little paperwork and handing over the REQUIRED donation (They only run on donations!) my girl came home with us. Although she hadn't been spayed due to the timing of her season, they agreed to pay for this. When contacted for a contribution toward the cost of the operation they immediately sent me a cheque. All in all a great experience and should I be looking again in the future I wouldn't hesitate to contact Glenys.

, more than 6 months ago

After posting my experience in the Labrador rescue site Notth a West and having it deleted and being permanently blocked from the site just shows how dishonest they really are, those poor Labradors are being controlled by this unacceptable behaviour! Our experience from visiting this Labrador re-homing is far from what you would expect! It was utterly disappointing and extremely unacceptable! Myself and my partner went there today very excited to give a Labrador a loving home after recently losing our beautiful male black Labrador thinking that re-homing another one would be the nicest gesture we could of done, only to be treated in the most disgusting manor! We spent some time with the most beautiful girl today which one of the volunteers quoted 'how she really bonded with us and we bonded with her' so for us she was coming home with us to have the best possible life with us and be loved as part of our family! We signed all the paperwork then to be asked if we were providing a donation to our response being yes of course! We were then asked how much we were donating, after endless research and speaking to other owners we were advised to donate £100 of then of the words of the owner G***** 'she was disgusted we only offered that much she wanted at least £150 and questioned our finances! We thought this was extremely rude after we instantly agreed to pay the £150 as we really wanted to take her home with us we instantly fell in love with her! To our amazement G***** then grabbed the paperwork and stormed into her house very odd! So then my partner went across to her to explain that we would happily pay the money and would like to take her home with us! G***** would not let us adopt her as she was not happy with the donation, it appears she is more concerned with the donation than the welfare of the Labradors! They are kept outside in kennels and you would like to think that especially at this time of year after seeing how much we really wanted to take her home to a nice warm house and love her the donation would not have been an issue!! The money was not an issue to us but the thought of the lovely little girl being tossed from pillar to post for no acceptable reason! After this experience and knowing what a loving home she has turned away I would not be happy with taking my own dog to this trust for re-homing! I am sorry I have had to write such a negative review to a trust that is supposed to be a lovely gesture to a charity but unfortunately this has been the case it appears money is the importance here not the welfare of the Labradors which is the most devastating and disgusting thing I have had to experience being such dog lovers ourselves! We are genuine people and have been very honest throughout the whole process so this is just encouraging people to lie on their paperwork and if you turn up with an endless amount of money then the dog is yours! Disgusting!!!!

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